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Creating A Plan for Aging in Place

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Estate Planning, Uncategorized

As you grow older, you want to prepare yourself and your family for what may come. If you wish to remain at home during your later years, you should consider creating a plan for aging in place.

When creating a plan for living at home, there are a few common factors to include. Take a look at a few of the subjects your aging-in-place plan should touch on to help offset difficult decisions for those you love.

Home health care

Aging may bring with it a host of medical issues. When creating a plan to remain at home, you need to create a blueprint for your medical care. Home health nurses may prove one route if your health demands frequent monitoring. The frequency of visits and the tasks performed may fall to the extent of your medical needs.

Financial management

Power of attorney documents grant legal authority for another to act on your behalf. As part of a comprehensive estate plan, you should designate a person to manage your finances. If your doctor deems you unable to make sound decisions, the power of attorney document activates, and the person you named assumes responsibility for your debts and assets.

Personal care

Your personal care needs may increase with your age. You may find that you need assistance getting around your home safely, bathing and driving. As part of your aging-in-place plan, consider coming up with scenarios for managing personal care. You may want to make improvements, such as installing rails in showers to help you stay safe.

Creating a comprehensive plan that loved ones can follow is critical for your continued care. Aging on your terms means getting yourself and others ready for what may come.