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How should you choose your executor?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2022 | Estate Planning

As you look over your will and other important estate documents, your mind may wander to the subject of who is the best choice for your executor.

Finding a dedicated person who wants to do this important task and has the necessary skills and attitude can make the process go smoothly.

Solid organizational habits

According to Kiplinger, choosing someone who knows how to stay organized and keep important papers safe is a key part of this job. Since there is a lot of communication with courts and other legal entities during this process, someone who knows how to complete tasks on time and talk honestly is a great help.

Compassionate outlook

One aspect of an executor’s job is to talk to the family and close friends of the deceased and help them. This means this person needs to have empathy for and basic knowledge about these people, as well as a dedication to solving problems between different family members.

When two people do not get along, it can leave the executor at a loss for what to do if they are not skilled at communication. Some issues may arise with the will or who gets what item, and that is when an executor should step in and resolve the argument.

Decent financial background

Although your executor can live anywhere in the country, you should choose someone who understands the basics of finances and has a sense of responsibility. Having good financial habits and no prior instances of bankruptcy could be important. These skills can help this person talk to creditors and beneficiaries while completing all the tasks needed on time.