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When There Is Contention Over An Estate Issue

In a perfect world, a will would be clear and written with lucid intention, an estate could forgo probate, and all beneficiaries and heirs would feel that they were treated fairly. But things do not always happen this way.

There are myriad issues that can arise with an estate after a person dies. At The Brooke Law Group, PC, our team understands this reality. With a long-established estate planning and dispute resolution practice, we also have the knowledge, skills and experience to resolve practically any issue.

The Reasons For Estate Disputes

There are many reasons the way an estate is being handled may come under attack. The most common reasons are:

  • An executor or trustee who does not follow the terms of the will or trust
  • Undue influence when the testator made their will
  • An unexpected and unreasonable “last minute” change to the will
  • An unstable or incapacitated testator

We assist beneficiaries, heirs, trustees, executors and administrators in California estate administration disputes. We also help with the interpretation of a will or trust, including will contests and inheritance disputes. Many clients come to us for guidance on the valuation and sale of assets, trustee fee calculation and resolution of accounting and taxation matters. We are prepared to help with estate debt payment and collection and other asset distribution concerns.

We work with the parties involved to resolve disputes in the most cost-effective, time-saving and ethical way possible. In some cases, this may mean approaching the court for corrective action. Founder Darrell Brooke is a certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law. He is the only attorney in Monrovia with this level of expertise.

We Work Diligently To Resolve Your Issues

We know how consuming of your time and energy a legal dispute can be. When you partner with Darrell Brooke and team you get our full attention and commitment. We’re here to help.

Visit us in our Monrovia office, easily accessible off of the 210 Freeway with free parking available. We can also meet with you via video conference or by phone at 626-471-5519. To get in touch and ask a question or to begin the process, reach out via our online contact form. Helping people get solutions to their estate planning and related matters in San Bernardino and throughout the Inland Empire.