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Celebrate Your Legacy With A Customized Estate Plan From A Specialist

At The Brooke Law Group, PC, we treat every client as an individual with unique needs. We know the importance of getting all of the details right and explaining which options will best suit your needs. After all, this is not just a collection of legal documents; it is protection for your family and a guardian of your legacy.

Attorney Darrell Brooke is a certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law. He is the only estate planning lawyer in Monrovia with this certification. He provides crucial expertise in California estate planning law and he also provides experienced guidance in related matters such as elder law, tax concerns, conservatorships and business planning. You will receive knowledgeable, well-rounded representation that takes into consideration all of your present and future needs.

Each Client Receives Individualized Estate Planning Service

We start with the cornerstone of estate plans by creating a will, and in many cases, a trust. A will lays the foundation for your estate plan and allows you to appoint executors or administrators, specify guardians for minor children and distribute your assets according to your wishes. Additionally, we will help you with passing on larger or more complex assets by creating a trust. We will explain the difference and discuss what type of trust may be best for you.

We will also draft powers of attorney and health care directives, making sure that they clearly state your final wishes for the handling of your estate and your end-of-life health care. And if you own a business, we can assist you with business planning.

We know that drafting the estate plan is only the beginning of the process. That is why we also provide services in:

  • Estate administration: Our firm assists with the administration or probate of a loved one’s estate. Depending on the size of the estate, probate can be quite complex, and most people find that an attorney’s counsel is necessary. We can also help you with sensitive matters such as conservatorships and guardianships.
  • Estate disputes: Sometimes heirs and beneficiaries do not agree on how an estate should be divided or how it should be handled by the executors or trustees. When disputes arise, we can protect your interests in these contentious situations.

Secure And Honor Your Legacy By Getting Started Today

Each estate plan we create is guided by our clients’ specific needs and goals. You can be certain that we will craft a thorough plan that addresses your requirements and wishes. Please contact us online or by phone at 626-471-5519 to arrange a consultation. We can meet in person, by phone or through video chat.