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What is the importance of a good executor?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Estate Planning

In the complex journey of life, one important aspect often overlooked until it really matters is the role of an executor. An executor, the person responsible for carrying out the wishes stated in a will, helps make sure things go smoothly when someone dies.

A competent executor is important because their job goes beyond just dividing up assets.

Organizing the estate

At the heart of what an executor does is organizing everything in the deceased person’s estate. This means dealing with a lot of paperwork, following specific legal rules and handling financial details.

A good executor files all documents on time and pays leftover debts. Being careful with details is important to avoid disagreements among the people inheriting.

Protecting money and property

An executor also has the job of caring for the things the person who died owned. This involves managing investments, looking after properties and keeping the estate’s value safe. A smart executor plans ahead to preserve everything left of the wealth, securing the financial future of the people inheriting the assets.

Helping the family

Without a capable executor, problems can come up in the family when it is time to share the inheritance. A good executor sorts out disagreements and conflicts among heirs.

This can help keep the family close during a tough time. With 37% of Americans already struggling with one diagnosed mental health condition in 2023, managing intense emotions is important when a death happens.

Keeping the process going

Dealing with the estate is hard enough without it dragging on for a long time. A good executor speeds this process up, so the people inheriting can find closure and move on.

Having a skilled executor who deeply cares about the family when a loved one dies is important. Although heirs may feel stress in some way, picking a quality executor during estate planning can help everyone involved.