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Ensuring An Accurate And Effective Administration Process

An estate administrator has many duties. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, this process can take anywhere from a few hours a week to requiring full-time attention.

The team at The Brooke Law Group, PC, has extensive experience with California estate administration. We handle the process and regularly assist appointed administrators in their roles. To have a conversation with us about your estate administration needs, call 626-471-5519 and speak with a member of our team.

The Duties Of An Estate Administrator

An estate administrator is a fiduciary role. This means the protection of the estate assets is the No. 1 priority. The administrator must put the needs of the estate above their own needs or wants and above those of individual beneficiaries or heirs. An estate administrator has a duty to be fair, honest and impartial.

The estate administrator’s first duty is typically to provide the probate court with an inventory list. This list includes all of the assets and debts of the person who died. After providing the probate court with a list, the other administrative duties include:

  • To gather or locate all the assets of the estate: the real property, the funds, the accounts
  • To locate all beneficiaries and communicate what is happening with the disbursement
  • To determine the value of the property
  • To verify and collect all monies due and pay all debts owed including rents, mortgages and income taxes
  • To open bank accounts, when necessary, for the estate
  • To terminate leases and contracts and notify all of those with whom the decedent had business interactions
  • To oversee the distribution of estate assets

There may be other duties specific to the estate. When prudent, an estate administer has the power to hire experts for assistance. This includes attorneys, insurance professionals, property managers and accountants.

Experienced in a broad range of estate planning services, our team also helps with trust administration and management. We work to ensure that the trust assets are used according to the terms of the trust. Our team has a well-established reputation for estate dispute resolution.

We Aspire To Help Executors

As a team with decades of experience in California estate planning, probate and administration, we partner with you. We will work to ensure that the administrative process meets all deadlines and is fulfilled according to California law.

Our Monrovia office is just off the 210 Freeway with free parking available. During these times, we are also able to meet with you via video conference or by phone. Call us at 626-471-5519. We can also be reached via our intake form. Serving clients throughout Monrovia, San Bernardino and the Inland Empire.