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Why you should have an estate plan no matter your age

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Estate Planning

You might think of estate planning as a task for later in life, something to think about after you turn 40. In reality, however, early estate planning carries benefits at all ages.

Taking proactive steps to plan for the future can help provide financial stability for you and your loved ones.

Asset security

Even if you just started your career or have minimal assets, a plan ensures the court will distribute your property according to your wishes. Whether you have a car, personal belongings or a small savings account, outlining your preferences can prevent disputes among family members.

Guardianship for dependents

For young parents, estate planning allows you to name a guardian for your children in case something happens to you and your spouse. Someone you trust would care for your children in an environment that aligns with your values and beliefs.

Financial planning and debts

Estate planning involves organizing your financial affairs, including any debts you may have. By addressing outstanding debts and creating a plan for resolution, you can prevent unnecessary burdens from falling on your loved ones.

Healthcare decisions

Drafting a living will and appointing a healthcare proxy are essential components of estate planning, regardless of age. These documents outline your preferences for medical treatment. They also empower a trusted individual to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so.

Digital asset protection

In the age of technology, you may want to consider the eventual fate of digital property. Your estate plan can include details about everything from social media profiles to online financial accounts. This step supports a seamless transition and prevents potential complications for your loved ones.

Streamlined probate

Proper estate planning can help your loved ones avoid lengthy probate. By clearly outlining your wishes and preparing the necessary legal documents, you can streamline the distribution of your assets, minimizing delays and potential conflicts.

In addition, estate planning can give you peace of mind. In a 2021 Gallup Poll, only 46% of Americans reported having a will. Knowing you have taken steps to care for your loved ones can offer a sense of security and alleviate stress about the future.